Over the last years we have been following the same passion surfing around the globe, making friends and
exploring new places. More than surf lessons and surf guiding, we want to offer you a unique experience you'll never forget.
For surfers of all abilities, our professional team meets the needs of each of our guests that will help them progress rapidly.
The final piece of the puzzle is our local “Mother Chef” who prepares all our meals from scratch.
This is your Week and we hope to see you soon.


João Alves

Local Surf Pro João was born and raised in São Miguel Island and it shows in his passion and dedication to life by the sea. He is an athlete, coach (ISA level II) and judge (FPS and ISA). João has spent the last five years teaching surfing and training local youngsters.


Erik Wulf

Originally from Germany, Erik has spent half of his life by the sea, surfing and lifeguarding the busy point breaks in eastern Australia. After leaving OZ and moving to Porto (Portugal), his love of surfing brought him finally to São Miguel, where he is at home today. The ocean and the mountains are his elements. He is a surfer, coach, wanderer, photograph and a part time architect.


Catarina Rola

Catarina is our daily smile. She was born in Lisbon, moved to the Azores some years back and is enjoying the island life ever since. She is a registered dietitian, metabolic diseases - eating behavior expert and Yoga Teacher.


Manuel Morgado

Manuel is a local professional surfer, athlete, lifeguard and coach (ISA level I). Growing up in São Miguel, he knows every corner of the island and is allways challenging the secret, sometimes heavy surf spots. With plenty of experience coaching and mentoring some of the next generation Azorean pros, Manuel has extensive knowledge about surfing techniques and is passionate about sharing and improving everyone's surfing skills.

Pedro Correia

Pedro likes to laugh and to fly high. As a professional Bodyboarder no drop is too steep and no lip is too heavy. Besides bodyboarding, he is also an excellent surfer and gets his surfboard out on smaller days. Beyond the smile, Pedro is an incredible waterman, always looking for sea adventure. A lovely human, great surf coach and fun to be around.

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